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What Is Somatic Coaching?

Somatic Coaching uses the techniques of Somatic Experiencing®, a proven, short-term, naturalistic approach to restoring the body’s inherent capacity to self-regulate. Its methods are based on a substantial and growing body of scientific research. It is particularly beneficial for executive functioning.

Compromised executive functioning manifests as a disorganization of (1) thoughts, (2) feelings, and (3) physical action. Each of these three goes its own way. Thoughts become distracted, daydreamy, or hyperfocused. Feelings become agitated, overwhelming, and disconnected. Actions go rogue: impulsivity, procrastination, “wasting time.”

Somatic Experiencing (SE) engages your brain, your heart, and the rest of your body in conscious conversation with each other. SE employs awareness of physical sensation (the language of the body) to help you renegotiate patterns that have become “stuck.” Fundamentally, SE brings body (Somatic = body) and mind (Experiencing = awareness of activity) into harmony.

SE’s emphasis on awareness makes it a mindfulness practice. You become able to harness and guide your attention without having to force it. You gain access to your feelings, and develop the internal space to feel them as a gentle stream instead of as an overwhelming flood.

SE’s integration of bodily sensations, thoughts, emotions and actions makes its positive effects profound and lasting. It is naturally organizing at the deepest levels of your system. You reconnect with your motivation. You create and sustain your own successful experiences. When life strategies arise, they arise organically—and powerfully—from within you.

By design SE is gradual, non-invasive, restorative. It is grounding, expanding, embodying, integrative. SE is not something you have done to you; rather, we work together as equal partners, with full understanding of what we are doing and how it works every step of the way.

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