The Conscious Learner Approach

You Already Know How to Learn

All human beings learn. Learning comes naturally to us. We read things that interest us without being told to; we learn to draw, build machines, play music, star gaze.... In fact, every one of us has a mind-boggling abundance of learning skills and gifts. Helping Hands

What’s Holding You Back?

If we are all so good at learning, then why do we sometimes have trouble learning certain things or completing tasks? Often we say to ourselves that we’re just not “good at” something. You might think, “I’m just not good at history” or “I hate reading books for English.” You might feel intimidated by assignments, or struggle to put your ideas on paper. But the truth is, it’s not that you can’t learn the subject; the real difficulty is somewhere in the learning process. The way you are learning might not be working for you.

The Solution: Conscious Learning

Academic coaching can unlock your potential and strengthen your learning process more effectively than any other kind of instruction or study. One-on-one coaching is all about you and your unique process. I specialize in helping learners like you develop the tools that are the most valuable for them, so they become conscious of how they learn and can take full ownership of their education. Their love of learning is energized, their imaginations are set free, and their self-definitions are challenged, expanded, and realized.

The Rewards

When you’re conscious of how you learn best, Student atop Medb’s Cairn during study-abroad trip in Ireland you learn more easily, efficiently, and authoritatively. You form your own questions because you want to find things out. You become more knowledgeable and skilled despite obstacles. In short, you develop the agility and flexibility to learn in any educational setting, and have more fun doing it. A conscious learner is a self-directed, resourceful, successful, life-long learner. A conscious learner has the potential for unlimited creativity and intellectual growth.

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