Is Coaching Right for You?

ADHD, usually perceived by others as a definite problem, can sometimes seem like no big deal to the person who has it. Yet when ADHD is in operation, certain things don’t get done, or started, or managed. Often there are “If only…” feelings in someone with ADHD: “If only I can bear down; concentrate; carve out the time; force myself….” Tasks appear simple, but then either spiral into complication and tediousness, or simply disappear into one of many piles. In the meantime, intricate, vibrant, creative fantasies as well as detailed, practical, innovative ideas exercise the ADD imagination. Inner treasures, outer troubles. Repeated frustrations. A feeling of not getting anywhere. I myself have experienced all of this.

Coaching is a team-oriented process. Sometimes all we need is a skilled partner to work with. A coach doesn't diagnose you, but rather regards you as intrinsically whole and resourceful, and works in partnership with you to realize that wholeness and power in your life now. For coaching to be successful, you must possess a strong urge for personal growth, and be committed to engaging in the process of change. Coaching doesn’t work with “if only,” it works with what is.

When you’re ready to start walking your walk, a good coach can help you map your terrain and navigate your route, and will walk with you and have your back.

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