How Coaching Can Help

What the Science Says

A wealth of scientific studies has shown that the brain is incredibly adaptable—in fact your brain is learning all the time. Start a new way of doing things, and your brain will learn that new way as a habit. Stop a habit you don’t want, and your brain will unlearn it. Repeating a new behavior actually maps new neural pathways in the brain, allowing it to develop strengths in areas that previously were deficits. Coaching paves the way for this vital learning to occur.

What You Do in Coaching

  • Take stock. Where are you now, and where do you want to be? Set goals.

  • Get moving. Determine next steps. Innovate and test new strategies. Discover what works.

  • Grow your brain. Self-assess strengths and challenges. Recognize patterns of success and stuck-ness. Make informed choices. Manage your time and space around your intentions and resources. Custom-make efficient systems.

  • Build your personal power portfolio. Seek out and cultivate interests, passions, values, resources, talents, skills, and knowledge. Develop your personal community. Release old, tired, unrewarding ways of thinking, feeling, and doing things.

  • Align your head, heart, and hands. Work effectively and lead with your core values. Know your best self. Own and take responsibility for each day. Maintain grace under pressure. Practice joy, gratitude, and wonderment.

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