Academic Coaching Process

Free Initial Consultation

You, along with any supporters you wish to bring (one or more family members, for example), meet with me to discuss your situation and goals in detail, including:

    Mark Vecchio
  • Your own descriptions of your academic experiences
  • Observations by supporters, including teachers
  • Academic feedback (written and verbal evaluations, grades, scores, etc.)
  • Any diagnosed or suspected cognitive factors
  • Any other relevant information

I share my preliminary impressions, and we decide whether to go ahead and start working together. If not, I will discuss with you other options and refer other services as best I can so you can get the help you need.

The First Month

During the first month’s sessions, you and I get to know what it’s like to work with each other. This period provides both of us—on top of all the detailed information you’ve given me in the initial consultation—a thorough and nuanced understanding of your strengths, challenges, interests, and goals.

Student in Ireland

Ongoing Sessions

Broadly speaking, there are two approaches to academic coaching sessions; either:

  1. I work with your academic curriculum
  2. I create a customized curriculum, optionally with your input

It is possible to combine these two approaches.

Ongoing academic coaching sessions regularly include reviewing progress, appreciating accomplishments, renewing goals and setting priorities, doing current work, and determining next steps.


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