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I’ve been seeing Mark regularly for three and a half years. During that time I feel like I caught up about two decades’ worth of maturity, in both practical and emotional skills. I wrote a testimonial a couple of years ago, every word of which still applies, but it doesn’t go nearly far enough. I’m ready to stop my regular sessions because there is no longer ANY part of my life where I feel stuck or floundering. I never would have believed that was possible! I still have challenges and areas to work on, which will never end, but now I have so much more skill at marshaling my resources, accepting my weaknesses, and maintaining equanimity about the unexpected. Peace of mind is one of the ever-elusive goals I’ve chased my whole life, and it feels amazing to be finally approaching it.

Along the way I’ve experienced steady, incremental improvements, and also several life-changing sessions where an age-old pattern permanently ended or changed. I will carry with me “what would Mark ask?” His questions reframed the issue, pushed me to explore new angles, and sometimes popped me out of a rut I didn’t even know I was stuck in.

I will miss our regular meetings because they were not only productive but tremendous fun as well. We laughed a lot, and that was one of the keys to my deep feeling of acceptance and comfort. I brought him problems ranging all the way from trivial-but-annoying to extremely painful, and Mark found ways to help me with all of them.

I can’t speak highly enough of Mark’s skills and abilities, and recommend him to anyone!

—Hilary C.-E.

You have given me vital and life changing perspectives on my self and on my work. My days are less stressful and far more productive. Your creative, compassionate and skilled approach to the issues we have tackled have been a huge resource for me. Your humor and easy manner have given me the freedom to move forward. I will always be grateful.

—Jan Nolte, The Influential Voice

I would enthusiastically recommend Mark to writers and artists and all-around smart people who are stuck, spinning their wheels, feeling isolated. When I started working with Mark, I was looking for a quick-fix—a coach to teach me the five or six ways I could manage ADHD and get on with my life. Instead, I found myself in weekly conversation with a razor-sharp, funny, deeply empathetic and creative person who engaged with me as a whole human, and who focused on validating my experience rather than pathologizing it.

Everything he said rang so true my ears hurt. Every week, as Mark showed me how to understand my priorities, how to recognize and resolve ingrained, emotional blocks, I found myself scrambling to write down what felt like life-changing insights, trying to preserve those revelations for future reference. After a while, I realized that the insights would keep coming—initially because Mark is just *that* reliable in his perceptiveness, and increasingly because our conversations were changing the way I lived and observed and understood my life. The experience was profoundly affirming, edifying, transformative.


I was feeling stuck and frustrated. I kept repeating the same unhelpful patterns. At each session I emerge with at least one or two powerful insights or approaches to try.

I’ve successfully rid myself of obligations that were weighing me down, achieved goals in communication that had eluded me for a long time, and resumed creative work I’d felt blocked in. It’s very exciting to notice these changes in myself and see them picking up momentum. I feel freer, happier, more confident that I can achieve what I set my mind to. My vague dreams and wishful thinking are gradually being replaced by more specific and hopeful visions.

You have a particular gift for listening carefully, both picking up on signals I’m not consciously aware of, and using imagery that speaks to me and fits with the way I think. I love that you ask questions I haven’t thought of that help me see things in a new light. I also value that you use a positive, cheering, build-up approach, not a tear-down, critical one–weaning me away from beating up on myself.

I would strongly recommend your services to anyone looking for a way to move forward in areas where they feel stuck, or looking for someone who can help with a positive, pragmatic, useful approach.

—Hilary C.-E.
Learners on Mark's study-abroad trip in Ireland

My son has Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) and was struggling with all the stresses of emerging adulthood. He just turned 18 when we found Mark Vecchio. In our initial family meeting with Mark, we saw that he understood my son’s ADD. Mark met with my son weekly and it was clear that my son was feeling better. My son is now doing great. He has confidence in himself and he is very self-sufficient. My son said he really liked his sessions with Mark Vecchio and my son’s progress is a testimonial to the great work Mark did with my son.

I would recommend Mark Vecchio to anyone who is looking for a life coach.

—Wayne C.

Mark Vecchio has been an amazing coach to me and has helped me to become a better writer in every way. His insights are invaluable. Mark has a unique gift for understanding, appreciating, and knowing how to nurture the individual learner. Thank you, Mark!

Mark brings unique ideas, deep understanding, and passion for the subjects he teaches. He encourages students to explore their own ideas and figure things out for themselves, but he’s always ready to help by offering his own ideas and insightful feedback. Mark’s the best teacher I’ve ever had.

—Dan Copulsky

Mark Vecchio has a clear and rare gift as a tutor, and that is unlocking and activating one’s confidence while making the study material compelling, interesting, and relatable to the sensibilities of his client. I was learning, retaining, and understanding, and it was actually invigorating instead of tedious. He understood that I block my own way to my intellect and that I have suffered from mental shut down when it comes to academic study, so he used my interests to awaken my natural ability to learn. We conversed about the meaning and usage of my vocabulary words, we explored questions about their origins. He even suggested, because he knows I love drama and acting, that when I it comes to writing essays, I pretend to be someone whose brain I admire. In other words, he made me feel brave and audacious, as if I could be anyone I wanted to when I wrote my essay. This allowed me to approach essay writing in a relaxed manner which allowed my creative process in on the act. After that, writing essays isn’t scary anymore, and my mind’s eye sees me writing fervently, and I think to myself, ‘wow, I possess the ability to do this!’ I owe my newly rediscovered confidence to Mark Vecchio. Just think, if he can tutor and teach someone like me, a creative type, who never excelled in school, to look forward to get cracking with my studies, and smirk confidently at writing essays, then he can successfully reawaken the love for learning in you too.

Tara Greenblatt, singer-songwriter
Student at Newgrange in Eire

Refreshing, mind blowing, and totally unique. I was invited to be unsure, uncertain, to explore and examine my edges, my boundaries, my experiences, my truths, to dig deeper into myself for my own authenticity.

—Lily Ruffner

i want to thank you for helping to shape how i think about things in general.… i learned things from you that i couldn’t have just learned from a book or taking a trip, and that’s not something i can say about many teachers or professors. *i take my hat off and bow to you*.

—Nate A.

One semester with Mark completely changed the way I received and digested literature. He imparted valuable and necessary analytical skills and is responsible for the clarity with which I collect and express my ideas. Mark is a fascinating man with a true gift for teaching. His passion for the material is always readily apparent, and one cannot help but listen and be engaged. I owe a great debt of gratitude to this man for the way he irrevocably shaped my mind, and I’d recommend him to any enthusiastic learner.

—Emily M.M.

Everyone has so much respect for you, and we can see why.

—Lew L.

Mark is an inspired teacher, and will continue to be someone that I trust and feel confident speaking to.

College Student

[Mr. Vecchio] knows how to get the best out of his students.

—Prof. Ellen Belton

You motivated me to try and complete essays with greater effort than ever before. After buckling down on the next three essays, I realized that I could look further into literature and delve deep into the language and subtext. I am very pleased that I was able to accomplish this, and I just wanted to say thank you for helping me do so.


Professor [Vecchio] is a really nice guy, very laid back, and fun to be around.


Mark is an amazing teacher. Thank you!

College Student

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Hands down, the best coach and professor imaginable!
Five Stars ★★★★★
—Dr. Rebecca Fiske,
 Asst. Professor in Literature,
 Former Dean of First-Year
 Students and Director of
 Academic Support,
 Bard College at Simon’s Rock


Dear Mark, It is rather difficult for me to try to express my gratitude for your guidance & support. I know that I would not have achieved what I have without you advising me & challenging what I thought I knew.
—Rich V.


Thanks for having a profound, lasting effect on my education. You were the first teacher to show appreciation of my work, and believe me, I’m overwhelmingly grateful.
—Gabrielle G.


You have given [my daughter] a tremendous boost. She has utmost respect for you and she grew and enjoyed the challenges you set before her immensely.… Please know you are a rare gem of an educator.
—Greta B.
Thank you Mark! I've enjoyed the coaching and have benefited greatly. I want you to know that.
—Karen M.
 United Methodist Pastor


I’ll miss Mark like a friend. He made me think, and changed how I did it.
College Student


Mark, Mark, Mark, thank you very much for being my advisor. I am glad that I had you to go to for help on what to do next and to help sort my thoughts. I really don’t think that anyone else would have been able to understand and give good advice for all of my plans and ambitions.
—Lisa L.


I couldn’t have dreamt of a better experience for [my daughter]. You have made a real difference in her life.


I have learned how to think, observe, write, be in a new way.
College Student


Mark is an exceptional teacher who gives light to subject matter of all kinds in an inspiring, provocative and truly new way.
College Student


I would never have called my mind a creative one before this—but now it can’t stop creating, inventing, and most importantly discovering its own capabilities.
—Stephanie Katryn Barefield


Mark is an AMAZING teacher, the best I ever had. He made the seemingly most boring books interesting & discussion worthy.

College Student


I love your approach. You are really teaching thinking skills, but you are playful too.

—Jan H. (Colleague)


I am now a better thinker and better writer.

College Student


You and your teaching were a cornerstone in the way I engaged with my studies in the social sciences.



A warm, enthusiastic, and most energetic teacher.… I think we can all learn something from [Mark’s] novel and dynamic teaching methods.

—Prof. Joan Zlotnick