The Coaching Process

Free Initial Consultation

The coaching process starts with a free initial consultation. You and I (and any supporters—e.g. family members—you wish to bring with you for this first meeting) discuss your situation and what you want to accomplish with the support of coaching. We ask each other questions and get to know each other a bit. At the end of this meeting, I give you honest feedback on what I’ve heard, and you tell me how you would like to proceed.

Ongoing Sessions

If we decide to work together, ongoing sessions are then between the coach and the client in strict confidentiality (that is, I, the coach, maintain strict confidentiality; you, the client, can tell anyone anything you like). Our meetings are your show. You determine the agenda for each session. I provide a straightforward, practical, supportive process in which you and I together identify and clarify your goals, and stretch and strengthen your capacity to realize them through your own self-initiated action.

Live or via Satellite?

Typically, if you reside locally in Western Massachusetts, we’ll meet in my office in downtown Northampton. If you live in San Francisco or Kathmandu, that’s not going to work, so we can meet by phone or teleconference (e.g. Skype). Even if you are here in the Pioneer Valley, but getting to Northampton would prove difficult, tele-meetings are an option.

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