Academic Coaching in Western Massachusetts

Mark Vecchio

How Academic Coaching Can Help

Academic support can happen on two levels:

  • Tutoring typically consists in basic assistance grasping course content and doing assignments.—This helps you get by immediately.

  • Academic coaching, on the other hand, builds academic skills.—This makes you a more effective learner in ways that last.

I give you the best of both, whereas the majority of tutors, who themselves excel in certain subjects but are untrained and lack depth of experience, provide the first level only. When you work with me, you will, in the process of better understanding and completing your current work, cultivate both foundational and advanced skills that will enable you to excel on your own. My 25+ years of experience ensures that you will discover and build on your natural strengths so that you know what works for you and can apply these tools throughout your whole education.

Cutting and pasting an essay Student creating an essay in
The Conscious Learner’s office

The Conscious Learner Approach makes this possible by going beyond routine “homework help”–type tutoring. As a conscious learner you can…

  • Decide what grades you want to get and get them

  • Transform procrastination into motivation

  • Build your self-confidence and reduce anxiety

  • Get work done more efficiently

  • Produce work you (and your instructors) are proud of

  • Experience real interest, discovery, and pleasure when you read and do research

  • Write clearly, expressively, and persuasively

  • Analyze, synthesize, and evaluate complex arguments

  • Capitalize on your strengths and develop new ones

  • Think outside the box and formulate incisive questions

  • Use your knowledge to make the world a better place

I Provide:

  • Free initial consultation

  • Dissertation or thesis assistance

  • Fully tailored to meet your needs

  • Coaching for learners with ADHD symptoms

… for college and graduate learners.

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