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Welcome to Streams of Consciousness

I am happy and brimming with excitement to welcome you to The Conscious Learner’s weblog, Streams of Consciousness.

I started The Conscious Learner in order to pursue my mission of helping people connect with and articulate for themselves how they learn and how they want to make use of what they learn in the ways that are most meaningful for them. I take joy in supporting others as they become, through their education, more fully who they are and more empowered to do what they feel called to do.

Mark teaching mythology at Delphi, Greece

My calling is teaching. I’ve been doing it for most of my adult life, and I love what I do. I myself strive to be a conscious learner. When I teach, I learn; if this is a cliché, it’s because it is so often true and so often said by teachers. To me teaching and learning with another person (tutoring) or a group of people (in a classroom) feels more like play than work, though I work hard at both teaching and learning, and continuously learn how to do both more effectively. (A favorite book of mine, one that influenced me early on, is Learning to Learn by Idries Shah.)

In this blog I share with you what I’ve learned about learning. Here you will find posts on such topics as…

  • Surviving and thriving in college, high school, and grad school
  • How to choose what you do rather than procrastinate about what is to be done
  • Under-the-hood peeks at how learning happens, and how you can facilitate and reinforce your learning engine
  • How to play to your strengths and draw on your talents to make learning easy and enjoyable
  • How your attention is unique to you, how to take advantage of your gifts, and how to cope with your challenges (often diagnosed as Attention Deficit Disorder)
  • What your creativity has to do with critical thinking, and vice versa
  • Mind-bending Gedankenexperimente (thought-experiments)
  • Why you are not Borg
  • Why some commonly used teaching methods aren’t working for you

… plus abundant references to outside resources.

As many of my former students will tell you, I’m a conversationalist and questioner, not a lecturer. This blog is intended to spark conversation and inquiry, as well as to provide practical tools of learning and propose new ways of thinking about education. You are cordially invited to peruse, watch and listen from the back row, dip in, and join in.1

Mark Vecchio
The Day After Labor Day, 2012

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